Briefing about pepper sprays

Before the invention of most of the women were afraid to go out alone. These pepper sprays have been in evolution in most of our lives. They are considered as the best for our safety. These pepper sprays are created in such a way that you can easily carry them in your purse or keep them as key chains. They are the best self-defense products that can help you in need. Traditional pepper sprays were effective but are really outdated. Nowadays the sprays that are made are really stylish and good looking for safety. They are very lightweight to carry. There is also cute pepper spray available on the market. They were only invented to stop the cycle of violence.

Additional information
These pepper sprays are made with help of some chemicals. There has been a very good development in this field. These sprays do not leave any permanent harm to the recipient. These sprays contain mainly 3 types of chemicals. OC (oleoresin capsicum) is one of the new ingredients and is considered as the most effective one. OC pepper does not irritate but will have an inflammation effect. On the other hand, CS and CN are more of an irritator then inflation.
Along with the positive aspects, there are many drawbacks or failures of these sprays. If someone is doing drugs on in that situation the attacker is high on drugs then these pepper sprays will have no effect on him. It may also take more than 30 seconds to make an effect on him. 30 seconds are not much but when you are under assault it may look like a decade. These chemicals can do a temporary blindness to the person which may lead him to an accident. Most of the disadvantages are not shown or mentioned by the manufacturer.