Do get excited by knowing what is there in the kit

It would be truly a lovely experience of assembling the steam engine that looks more or less similar to the engine that you see in the real world. You do not have to get into the machine, wear the uniform that is usually used by the steam engine driver, and be very nervous at every point of time in running the engine towards its destination. You have many ways of learning to operate the engine, before you be the real driver for the train. You could always look at the steam engine model that you would like to drive and then get the simulation of such model home.

Once you get some simulation home, you could run it by following the instructions that would help you guide step by step in assembling everything that is given in the best model steam engine kit. You would be able to understand what each part of this assembling would do when it is time for the engine to operate and run to the fullest of its powers as is provided by the engineer after having it developed according to the design print. You do not have to argue among yourselves for the engine setup.
Everything would be clearly stated in the videos that are made available online, or else if you are book lover and also want to give some work to the brain then you could look at the parts that are provided in the kit and then come up with the steps which you could then verify with the steps that are provided in the manual. This way you could also assess your skills and knowledge that you have acquired as part of learning about these steam engines. So, hope you now know what to do and what not to do for setting up the steam engines.